Friday April 12, 2019

Top Gun: Ed Fayette

Area realtor sets standard for sales, customer satisfaction
By Lou Sorendo

    For Ed Fayette, it’s not lonely at the top. The No. 1 sales agent in Oswego County in 2018, Fayette is collecting hardware quicker than homes being placed on the market.


    Fayette was recently named Century 21 Galloway Realty agent of the year, the second straight year he has captured the award.


    He also won it in 2011 and 2006.


    In addition, Fayette earned the Century 21 CENTURION, President’s Producer and Quality Service Pinnacle Producer awards last year.


    Fayette is the top producer in all of Oswego County for selling more than $11 million in homes and property and making nearly 100 transactions in 2018, according to Century 21 Galloway Realty.


    Does he feel the stress of being No. 1?


    “I don’t think of it as pressure. I think of it as responsibility. I demand a lot of myself because I don’t want to let everyone else down,” he said.


    “I always say just keep my blinders on and keep working hard. If good things come my way, I’m happy, proud and humble,” he said.


    “No one needs to light a fire under me; I’m my own toughest critic and coach. I just want to do the best I can, and I’ve built this reputation and am not going to let anything ruin it,” Fayette said.


    Fayette started working at Century 21 Galloway Realty after teaching elementary school locally for 33 years.


    In 1983, he graduated from St. Bonaventure University after earning a master’s degree in education and began teaching that same year in Central Square.


    He taught at Central Square for three years, and then was hired by the Oswego City School District to teach in his hometown.


    He then went on to teach at Fitzhugh Park Elementary School for 30 years.


    Fayette has always had another gig going on besides teaching, such as working for STAR 105 radio, being a disc jockey at special events, writing his “As I See It” column for The Palladium-Times, or writing for Destinations Travel Magazine.


    “I think of myself as a duck: smooth and calm on the water, but underneath, its feet are paddling like crazy,” Fayette said.


    In 2004, in an effort to help his children get through college, Fayette decided to venture into real estate.


    He recalls the weeks of stringent coursework he did to prepare for an intense three-hour licensing exam to become an agent in Oswego.


    After the dust had settled, he was welcomed with open arms by William Galloway, broker-owner of Century 21 Galloway Realty in Oswego.


    “Real estate isn’t as glamorous as people think,” he said. “It’s not what you see on HGTV.”


    “It’s a lot of work. You must have strong communication and interpersonal skills,” said Fayette, noting he has melded his educational background with real estate.


    Teaching point: “I taught each of my students to be a good person and to listen, and that you are not always going to get your way, like it or not,” he said.


    “I took all that I preached and put it into practice,” said Fayette, noting it was a successful endeavor given the success of his two children, Zach and Morgan.


    “It’s almost like being a doctor in terms of what is required and expected of me,” he said. The comparison is valid: His cell phone is being blown up at any and all moments, and “no time is sacred anymore,” he added.


    “That’s OK, because the world has changed in that sense. It’s a 24-7 type of world now,” he said.

    Fayette is focused on returning those calls promptly, a skill set that leads to appreciation from his customers.


    In terms of dealing with other agents, Fayette said it is important to establish guidelines from the get-go.


    “I tell agents, ‘We have to play nice in the sandbox or we don’t get paid,’” he said.


    Fayette uses social media extensively and features 26-to-30-second video clips of available homes in the form of e-flyers.


    Why such short clips? Research shows the average time a person spends watching a video on Facebook is 27 seconds.


    Fayette arrived on the real estate scene after the days when listings came in the form of a hard-copy monthly book.


    “Now I get onto what is called a ‘hot list,’ and all the new listings in all of New York state are available, and I can narrow it down by location, price, number of bedrooms or whatever I want,” he said.


    Fayette adheres to the age-old sales slogan of “ABC”: always be closing.


    “Don’t let things fall apart too easily,” said Fayette, noting that the majority of deal busters normally involve issues surrounding home inspection, a lien or title or buyer’s financing.


    Fayette also noted he arms himself with statistics at showings to fortify his stance along with mastering the use of social media.


    He has evolved from the love of making the deal to loving to put deals together knowing how much it means to people, whether they are buying or selling.


    He takes pride in maintaining a significant presence on social media — whether it be Facebook or Instagram.


    “It’s like inventing a miracle drug, and the generic versions come out a few months later,” Fayette said.


    “I never thought six or seven years ago that my cell phone would be used more for texting than calling,” he said.

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