Tuesday June 5, 2018

Longshoremen in Oswego make endorsement

ILA Local 1570A workers want William Scriber as their permanent leader
By Lou Sorendo

    William Scriber

    International Longshoremen Association Local 1570A is endorsing interim Port of Oswego Authority Executive Director William Scriber for the permanent executive director’s position, according to local president Brian Hibbert.


    The post became vacant last year when former director Zelko Kirincich left for personal and family reasons.


    The board — led by chairman Amy Tressider — is actively seeking a new director. No timetable has been set on the selection. Scriber has indicated he is “mulling over” the decision whether to apply for the executive director’s position.


    Hibbert addressed the port’s board at a recent meeting and told its directors about the endorsement.


    “Never in the history of our union here have we endorsed a single person for port director,” Hibbert said.


    The union leader said communication between workers and Scriber is “very strong.”


    “He’s always reached out to inform us about what’s going on. Basically, not other port director has been offering that handshake to us,” he said.


    “We’re not asking for the nicest guy in the world,” Hibbert said. “We’re just asking for someone to be fair with us.”


    Since Scriber assumed his role as interim director, he has met with the ILA on several occasions.


    “He has been more than fair with the number of guys we need on an everyday basis. That’s just the main driving point behind this,” he said.


    As of late May, the local had 35 members. It also employs hundreds of other workers on a permit basis.


    “Once they punch in here at the port, they are working as longshoremen under our contract with the port,” he said.


    Hibbert said he has seen a huge upsurge in the number of rail cars handling aluminum at the port.


    “We did not see a single rail car last year,” he noted.


    “We’re getting former clients back as well just since Bill is sitting in the seat,” Hibbert added. “He’s always on the phone trying to get new work, and always lets us know of potential work. He has hit hat in a lot of rings right now.”


    Hibbert noted that Scriber “has a lot of local vested interest” in the area.


    The port is the first U.S. port of call and deepwater port on the Great Lakes from the St. Lawrence Seaway.

    — For an update on the Port of Oswego Authority, watch for the June-July edition of Oswego County Business magazine.


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