Tuesday August 9, 2016

Shape Up and Ship Out: Exporting the Focus

ExportNY course grooms business people to market globally

    Exporting is one of the most effective means of expanding sales and markets for healthy businesses.


    Whether a company is considering exporting, selling internationally on a limited basis, or fully engaged with an international distribution network, ExportNY can assist its growth.


    ExportNY is an interactive course on global business development combining classroom training, market research support, tools for analysis and hands-on resources in a stimulating and supportive environment.


    Participants meet twice a month at Syracuse University for four months. In addition to class material presented by the School of Management, guest speakers from industry share their expertise on banking, cultures, currencies, intellectual property, legal contracts, marketing, selecting foreign partners, supply chains, transit and more.


    Interns from the School of Management provide research support for companies in developing target countries and products.


    By the end of the program, participants will have an international business growth plan and be on the way to expanding their markets.


    Enrollment is limited. For more information, call Sue Kuhns at the Central New York Technology Development Organization at 315-425-5144 or Stephen King at the Central New York International Business Alliance at 315-470-1925.