Tuesday July 12, 2016

PSC: Benefits of Preserving Upstate Nuclear Via CES Far Exceed Costs

IBEW praises Governor Cuomo for commitment to maintaining Upstate jobs

    The New York Public Service Commission’s recent proposal relative to the proposed nuclear component of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Clean Energy Standard underscores that preserving Upstate nuclear plants would bring significant economic and environmental benefits to all New Yorkers.


    The staff report highlights that the net benefit of preserving these plants totals $5 billion.


    As the staff’s proposal notes, a recent report issued by the Brattle Group indicates that the replacement of these zero-emission nuclear plants with equivalent amounts of fossil-fueled generation would lead to an additional 31 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emitted over the next two years, which would have an estimated societal cost of $1.4 billion.


    That same Brattle report found that 25,000 jobs depend on these Upstate nuclear plants, in terms of direct and indirect employment. Additionally, these plants contribute $3.16 billion to New York’s gross domestic product, and also help New Yorkers save $1.7 billion in electricity costs each year.


    “As this proposal makes clear, the CES is a cost-effective way to keep our Upstate nuclear plants running and preserve the thousands of jobs that depend on them,” said Ted Skerpon, chairman of the New York State IBEW Utility Labor Council. “The bottom line is that this is simply the right thing to do, and I applaud Governor Cuomo for staking out this ground as a true leader when it comes to our working families and when it comes to ensuring that New York retains its preeminent position as a clean energy beacon.


    “I urge policymakers to adopt the CES as quickly as possible so that New Yorkers continue to enjoy the many benefits Upstate nuclear plants provide.”


    The IBEW Utility Labor Council of New York represents over 15,000 IBEW utility workers in 18 IBEW local unions across New York state.


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