Thursday June 23, 2016

Dave Canale

Dave Canale, owner of Canale Insurance and Computer Accounting Services, began his business from scratch 13 years ago.
By Lou Sorendo

    Dave Canale

    Q.: How did you first get into the insurance industry?

    A.: After spending 11 years working for another agency, my brother Tracy and I opened our own office on May 1, 2003. We were located in the back of the old firehouse building on East Sixth and Bridge streets in Oswego. We occupied a small space and had barely enough room to put two desks in it. Our goal was to keep expenses as low as possible until we were financially ready.

    Q.: What did it cost to first start your business?

    A.: To start a business, you should be prepared to go up to a year before taking any kind of paycheck. When we opened, our monthly fixed expenses were around $1,500 total and, of that, 65 percent went toward advertising. We started with nobody — zero customers — and worked our way up. Now, we probably have somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,500 policyholders and another 800 to 900 clients on the tax and payroll side. We were very fortunate in that we actually made a profit starting out in our very first full month in business.

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