Thursday May 9, 2013

Leadership Oswego County to honor graduates, standouts

Program strives to shape community leaders

    SUNY Oswego's Office of Business and Community Relations will graduate its 21-member Leadership Oswego County class of 2013 on May 31, and present awards to two community leaders.

    Shawn Doyle, a member of this year's class, will receive a community leadership award. Doyle was elected county legislator in 2005, serves on Pulaski's planning and zoning board, has led the regional 12-township Half-Shire Historical Society since 1996 and serves as town of Richland historian.

    Richard P. "Rick" Kolenda, shown at right, director of residence life and housing at SUNY Oswego, a 2002 LOC alumnus, will be honored for his strong support of Leadership Oswego County since his graduation. He served on the leadership curriculum committee and developed several class modules as well as made presentations to leadership classes.

    Recruitment has started for the class of 2014, which will start meeting in September, the 21st year of the program.

    LOC teaches community trusteeship, leadership skills, current issues and networking to a diverse group of community residents. The 2014 class will set off on a nine-month course of intensive study of leadership skills, Oswego County and its resources, vital issues of today and visioning for tomorrow.

    Key community members teach participants about the skills and knowledge needed to be effective leaders. The program aims to make its graduates better prepared to serve the community in the roles of board member, citizen, employee or volunteer with organizations that serve Central New York.

    For more information about the SUNY Oswego Leadership Oswego County program or its graduation ceremonies, call 312-3492 or visit