Tuesday March 26, 2013

West Broadway Laundromat Spinning in Fulton

Clean start for entrepreneur Gordon Marvin
By Jacob Pucci

    The Fulton community comes together to celebrate the grand opening of the West Broadway Laundromat recently.

    A fresh face entered the cleaning competition in Fulton as the new West Broadway Laundromat opened its doors Monday.

    After first viewing the location at 123 W. Broadway in mid-December, owner Gordon Marvin began construction the following month, ultimately culminating with a Monday ribbon cutting ceremony.

    Marvin—who also owns a laundromat in Syracuse and has lived in the area since 1985—said in addition to standard laundromat services, he plans to offer Wi-Fi and television for customers, as well as raffles and specials.

    “Our prices are probably the best in the county,” Marvin said.

    Stressing customer service as his main focus, Marvin said the laundromat would be open seven days a week and is considering a pick-up and delivery option, something that Marvin said helps his business stand out.

    “In this area, it doesn’t exist,” Marvin said.

    Marvin picked the current location due to ample customer parking, two entrances, and a familiarity with the neighborhood, all which make it—according to Marvin—a “prime location.”

    Through the celebration and camaraderie, Marvin said his eyes are already on expansion. In addition to this current location, he said he was interested in the Hannibal and Mexico markets as well.

    “Smaller towns that have no [laundromat] service is something we might cater to,” Marvin said.

    Though Marvin said he is unsure of an expansion into the city of Oswego, he is paying close attention to smaller towns where the existing competition is not quite as steep.

    “Depending on what the market bears, we’d like to open other locations and branch out a little bit,” he said.

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