Wednesday June 22, 2011

County-based Nonprofits Discuss Potential Merger

LVOC, OCO could be combining forces

    Literacy Volunteers of Oswego County has begun discussions with Oswego County Opportunities to investigate a possible merger of the two organizations, it was announced by Rhonda Hutchins, LVOC board president.

    “Continuing cuts in the state budget for adult education is the primary reason we are pursuing this discussion with OCO,” Hutchins said. “Even though we have been very successful in fundraising and asset management, the state funding reductions made it clear that LVOC could only maintain current levels of service for a limited number of years."

    A merger could ensure that the services LVOC offers will continue to be available to the residents of Oswego County who need help with basic literacy, financial literacy, computer literacy, and English language learning. Both boards agreed that there is a mission fit as OCO provides family literacy and education services to individuals throughout Oswego County.

    OCO has many locations throughout Oswego County and will have the ability to enlarge the service area to better serve those needs regionally.

    Another benefit is that less funding will be needed for administrative and overhead expenses, so joint resources can be strategically focused on program development, enhancement and allocation.

    “These discussions follow an exhaustive study by the LVOC board during the past year to investigate a number of options for the future of the organization,” Hutchins said. “A merger with OCO had the greatest benefits for our county and will provide the smoothest transition for those who receive LVOC services.”

    For further information, Hutchins can be contacted at 315.207.8021.