Tuesday February 12, 2008

MACNY Presents Lean 101: Office

Lecture will meet Feb. 19
By Press Release

    MACNY,  in collaboration with TDO, invites you to Lean 101: Office on Tuesday, February 19, 2008 from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM at the Sam Williams Business Center at 1201 E. Fayette St. in Syracuse.

    The conference is aimed at office managers, supervisors, and support personnel looking to streamline office efficiency.

    Lean Principles, focusing on value-added activities and eliminating needless tasks, have as much relevance in the office as on the manufacturing floor. There are many benefits to adopting a lean culture in the office including reduced costs, faster processing times, less duplicate work, improved quality, and better customer satisfaction (plus better quality of work life for the office workers). This full-day workshop provides an overview of lean concepts and their application to office and administrative processes. Participants will learn to use various lean concepts in an interactive and dynamic simulation, eliminating wastes and achieving better information flow. This train-do technique over three “shifts” illustrates cause and effect relationships for each of the lean tools presented. They will apply lean tools to individual workspaces as well as across an entire process. As part of the simulation, participants will also gain experience in an office kaizen event. Most importantly, the participants will be able to measure the impact of their improvement efforts.

    Topics covered will include: reducing costs and improving efficiencies; reducing the number of employees that review and “touch” a file before the work is finally complete and reducing costly paperwork errors before they leave the building.

    For registration and pricing, contact: Kris Alexich <mailto:kalexich@macny.org>  at MACNY  at 315-474-4201 x12.