Friday January 18, 2008

Entergy Nuclear Communications Manager to Develop Nationwide Strategies

Bonnie Bostian will guide outreach programs for nine sites from Jackson, MI
By Chris Motola

    Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant communications manager Bonnie Bostian will be heading south Monday to her new position as Entergy Nuclear's manager of Nuclear Outreach.

    The new position will take Bostian to Entergy Nuclear's corporate headquarters in Jackson, MI. With the nation set to license a new generation of nuclear power plants, she'll be responsible for creating community outreach strategies and programs that will advocate nuclear energy to the public.

    "It's safe, reliable and vital," said Bostian. "It's needed as a part of the energy mix."

    Bostian has served as the communications manager for the Fitzpatrick plant since 2001, when Entergy took over operation of the site. Prior to that, Bostian had served at the plant when it was run by the New York Power Authority. She's also been involved with the organization of community events like Harborfest.

    Although Bostian is originally from North Carolina, she's been part of the Oswego community for around 30 years. "It feels like home," she said. "It will be hard leaving our friends."

    As Bostian will be responsible for forming programs for nine sites, one of which is Fitzpatrick, her new job will occasionally bring her back to Oswego County.

    Bostian leaves the following advice to her successor, who has yet to be determined: "Stay connected. It's a job that requires a lot of networking both internally and with the community."