Saturday December 29, 2007

Lee Memorial Files Conversion Plan

Hospital closure/reconfiguration plan submitted by deadline
By Press Release

    A.L. Lee Memorial Hospital is filing its plan for closure as a hospital and conversion to an outpatient diagnostic and treatment/urgent care center Friday. The plan will be submitted to the NYS Department of Health for review. 

    Lee Memorial’s Board of Directors was informed that the hospital’s application for a temporary restraining order against the NYS Department of Health was turned down by the Supreme Court judge. The Board decided, therefore, to put any further legal action on hold at this time. 

    Dennis Casey, Executive Director of Lee Memorial Hospital, stated, “We do not know when we will get a response to our plan from the Department of Health.” The contents of the plan remain confidential pending NYS Department of Health review. “Lee Memorial Hospital is open and fully operational, providing its full range of inpatient, ICU, E.R., and outpatient services to the community.” 

    The Berger Commission recommendations, issued in late November 2006, call for Lee Memorial Hospital to close all of its inpatient beds and convert to an outpatient diagnostic and treatment/urgent care center operating under NYS Article 28 licensure. The state’s deadline for submission of Lee Memorial’s closure-conversion plan is Dec. 31, 2007. The NYS Department of Health has until March 31, 2008 to review the plan and approve it.