Thursday September 13, 2007

Nestle Plans to Be Back in Oswego County

Nestle Waters ? not Nestle Chocolate ? wants to locate water bottling plant in Orwell
By Chris Motola

    "They want the land — that's the bottom line," says Lawrence Smith, a retired  farmer who lives in Orwell. "I'm sitting on a giant aquifer."

    The small town east of the Village of Pulaski could be the site of the Nestle Corporation's return to Oswego County, although chocolate wouldn't be a part of the equation. Nestle Waters was in the process purchasing Smith's farm land this summer and may develop it into a water bottling plant, according to Smith.

    "We're talking maybe," says Smith. "The deal isn't done yet."

    According to Smith, there are multiple natural springs on his property. Each of the five houses Smith built on the land has all of its water supplied by a single spring.

    "This is the best water there is," says Smith.

    He declined to say how much Nestle had offered him for his property. As part of the agreement, Smith would be able to continue to reside on his property.

    Nestle Waters didn’t respond to several requests for interview.

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