Friday July 20, 2007

Oswego Weeklies to Outsource Printing

County's biggest publisher the latest to farm out costly process
By Chris Motola

    Oswego County's biggest publisher is phasing out its in-house printing.

    Following an industry trend of outsourcing costly production processes Mexico-based publisher, the Oswego County Weeklies, plans to have the printing of its papers done by a third party, according to managing editor RoseAnn Parsons.

    “We will be doing that, hopefully, within the next month,” said Parsons. “The press is too old. We can't keep up with technology.”

    The City of Oswego's daily newspaper, the Palladium Times, made a similar transition earlier this year.

    Parsons said editorial content, design and all other elements of production would still be done in-house.

    Established in 1861, the Oswego County Weeklies publishes the Independent Mirror, the Phoenix Register, the Citizen-Outlet, the Salmon River News and the Oswego Shopper. The printing of the Oswego Shopper is currently being outsourced.

    The publisher plans to make a formal announcement in the near future.

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