Monday August 11, 2003

Exclusive: Entergy to Eliminate 1,000 Jobs. Effects at the Oswego County Plant Still Uncertain

The New Orleans based company, which owns James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power plant, wants to eliminate redundant positions.
By Dola L. Deloff

    At this time it is unknown how many workers at the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power plant will be affected by its parent company?s offering of ?enhanced volunteer severance packages,?according to Bonnie Bostian, manager of communications at the Scriba facility.

    ?It?s still in the early stages,? Bostian said.

    Entergy Corp., the New Orleans-based utility which operates the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power plant in Scriba, has announced that by the end of the year, 1,000 employees throughout the organization will be offered a package in return for leaving the company.

    In addition to the plant in Oswego County, Entergy also operates facilities in Massachusetts, Vermont, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

    Entergy is looking to reduce its number of redundant positions, Bostian said. It is not known at this time, she added, which employees at the Scriba plant would be eligible for the severance package. Company officials have said that the majority of the positions will come from Entergy?s nuclear division mainly in administration and other office areas. ?But we can?t at this time specify the redundant positions at FitzPatrick,? Bostian said.

    Entergy, which employs 15,000 throughout its organization, is investigating ways to reduce costs and increase productivity, Chanel Lagard, a company spokesperson from the company?s headquarters, said.

    ?It is hoped that position reductions can be achieved through this program,? Bostian said, adding that Entergy?s approach is ?one step at a time? if 1,000 employees throughout the company do not volunteer to leave Entergy in return for the severance package.

    ?We also note that reductions will not affect customer service and reliability,? Bostian said. ?Entergy?s commitment to safety will be maintained.?

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