Is This a Good Time to Start My Own Business?

By Brian Caswell

    The other day I was talking to a friend from the southern part of Onondaga County. He asked how Oswego County was doing with all of the plant closings. After a while he simply shook his head and said "Boy, what an awful time to start a business in Oswego C... [Subscriber-only content]

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Oswego County Business Magazine
Issue 74

Issue 74
October/November 2004

Cover Story


Joe Roszak

My First Job

Learning the Value of Customer Service at Angelo's Big M, at 15

On The Job

What Do You Think of the Proposed State Minimum Wage Increase?

Success Stories

My Turn

Extreme Tactic: Canceling Your Paper's Subscription



Economic Trends

Help Available to Start or Grow Your Small Business

Special Article

Is This a Good Time to Start My Own Business?

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The future of our economic development