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Nanotechnology About to Change Many Industries

By Chris Motola

How might jewelers react to the ability to synthesize flawless diamonds for the cost of a fast food combo meal? Will stain-proof pants bankrupt the dry-cleaning and laundry industries? Will cheap, flexible solar paneling put local utilities under? Accordin... [Subscriber-only content]

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Issue 73
August/September 2004
Cover Story
Our Great Lake
Lake Ontario plays a big role in the Upstate New York economy, culture and recreational activities.
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Oneida Lake
Local Writers Publish Book on Lake Ontario
Tourists Generate $1.5 Billion in Northern New York
Entergy Funds Energy Education Institute
Why Co-pays Keep Going Up
Lakes Are Region's Major Assets
George Joyce is OOC's New President
Mike Treadwell Chosen NYS Economic Developer of the Year
Dr. Oviatt Brings State of the Art Equipment to CNY
Special Report
Free Air Show Expected to Bring Additional Crowd
Nanotechnology About to Change Many Industries
CNY's Fastest Growing Corridor
New US Immigration Law to Make Licensing Hard for Canadian Nurses
Number of obese people on the rise, costing insurers more than $6 billion
Business Updates
The Coffee Connection
Deana Masuicca
My First Job
Being Pluto for Three Years Not an Easy First Job
On The Job
How Much Vacation Time do You Usually Take Per Year?
Success Stories
Canale's Restaurant
My Turn
Kleenex, Xerox, Teflon and Other Brand Name Words
First Person
Of Soccer And Venture Capitalism
Economic Trends
Economic Development Highlights, Awards Mark OOC's Annual Meeting
Special Article
Is It Time To Get Back to the Stock Market?
Last Page
Talking Out Loud
Healthcare Briefs
Health Care Briefs
Oswego Hospital's Ob/Gyn Staff Gets High Marks From CNY Perinatal Program